Monday, May 31, 2010

Thomas Broening represents a type of photography I tend to shy away from posting, more commercial work, which merits a whole blog of its own probably. I like this new series, though. Reminds me of Little People.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

fuck me

tammy mercure
already did what i wanted to do and it looks beautiful!

-- remy, let me know if you recognize any of these...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sassy! Burn! Snap!

just in case you haven't read this already

Amy Sillman
Shade, 2010
Oil on canvas
90 x 84 inches
228.6 x 213.4 cm

Amy Silman
Dear Jackie,
I guess you didn’t know this but me and Abstraction broke up!!!!! Last summer!!!! Well, I mean, I’ve been feeling like kind of confused for a long time, like years. I’m friends with all of A’s friends and stuff, and I think A’s really cool and I totally learned a LOT from A, but you know what? I don’t want to say anything bad about A but I have to TOTALLY MOVE ON with my LIFE. I started to really feel like A’s been holding me back and even like kind of manipulative. I mean, when I moved to NYC it was kind of incredible to get to know A … but you know what? I am super worried that when you get really to the core of things, A is just super conceited and can’t talk to me. I feel really bad saying this but I KIND OF WONDER sometimes if A is just DEAD INSIDE. I don’t know, maybe A is like a meal ticket for me. I mean, I get invited to a lot of shows and things because of A, but when I’m there, A just kind of talks to other people. Like I don’t feel A can really concentrate on one person at a time—A always addresses the whole room, if you know what I mean. I mean, it’s not like Representation even knows I exist either. I feel like when I come into the room, R is like all glassy and actually really conservative; it’s a weird feeling, too. But anyway I just started to feel like I can’t be tied down and I have to play the field. I guess all of you know that I was always like that and totally non-monogamous, but that’s why you didn’t hear from me all winter. I totally learned a lot from A, and I even got to be friends w/ C├ęzanne who I didn’t even LIKE before and now I like totally, like, LOVE, and I super love Cubism, (I am so mad at my friend Kerstin in Berlin because she doesn’t even LIKE Cubism but I feel like Cubism is like so amazing. It’s basically a diagram, if you know what I mean.) OH, and also, I never would have understood Process without A but I just feel like A’s really old friends are just WEIRD. And kind of pompous? Or something? Well, anyway, I feel really bad telling you this like you’ll be pissed, but I hope you know this has nothing to do with you and I really love you and the part of A’s friends that are really open like you are AMAZING and everything. But basically I kicked A out of my studio this summer, and afterwards I felt really good. I had this amazing fling, don’t tell anyone, but I had this fling with this face, and I don’t know, that was the straw that tipped the iceberg and I just went with it. I feel like me and A can be good friends after a while, though, and I am super hoping that all of A’s friends will still be friends with me, but, sometimes I almost kind of wish, you know, I was sleeping ALONE. You know what I mean????
Love, Amy


They are Lucky to be Bourgeois Hens II

2009. Wood, paint, electricity, chickens. 550 x 150 cm circa.

Petrit Halilaj

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lightness in sentence fragments

phoebe lent me her italo calvino book, "six memos for the next millenium." its great. some lines that are useful for writing, painting, drawing, and photo-ing:

"One must be light like a bird, not like a feather" -Valery

"...words as the perpetual pursuit of things, as a perpetual adjustment to their infinite variety...of literature as an existential function, the search of lightness as a reaction to the weight of living." (Calvino)

The empty bucket versus the full bucket in Kafka's "The Knight of the Bucket"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rasmus Norlander

The Swedes! Those wonderful Swedes! This is architectural photographer Rasmus Norlander.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jan De Vliegher

Painterly-painter yourself a favor and click on the pictures to see how gooey, mushy, and lickable they really are.

2 0 0 8 - s c h a t k a m e r 1 4
olie op doek
2 0 0 x 2 8 5 c m

2 0 0 8 - s c h a t k a m e r 9
olie op doek
1 1 0 x 1 6 5 c m

2 0 0 8 - s c h a t k a m e r 1 5 

olie op doek
2 0 0 x 2 5 5 c m

There are also nice paintings of museum interiors, windows, glass displays, and more on website